Mr Netshidzati NR

Welcome to my personal website.

My current full-Time Job is to train students/learners to become independent in future and good behavior. I also encourage individuals to do what is right and make proper decision(s) in life...

The content and materials on this site are free to access and are not to be used for sale. All printings and downloads on this site should not be used for sale, but for free.

  • You

    Power of the tongue

    Whatever you say about your ability without doubt you become.

  • Hot

    Changing things

    Is not everything that human can change,, some of the things need God the creator to change them. Just ask Him for a change and believe for change.

  • LIFE

    Becoming Successfull

    "What you do when you are young is practice for what you will do when you are old. The only people who became rich and successful as they grew older were those who formed good habits when they were young and poor."


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