“The more you put into your education, the more you will get out of it”

People learn best when they are ready to learn! Are you ready?
As a student you will play the biggest part in your education. If you do your part and your Instructor does his part you will be successful. The instructor will give information in many ways; this is to make sure that all learners in the class can understand the main concepts and ideas needed by his students.

He will ask questions to check you understanding and he will encourage your participation in the lesson. Your job as a Student is to listen to your Instructors
ideas and information during his lesson.

LearnDiscuss these ideas and share your own thinking and views with the class and your instructor.

Take responsibility for yourself.
Recognize that in order to succeed you need to make decisions about your priorities, your time, and your resources. Center yourself on your values and principles. Don't let friends and acquaintances dictate what you consider important, put first things first. When you need extra help with your studying try to get help.
Ask your instructor about Tutoring, He might be able to give you the names of other students who have been successful in that class or tutor you him/her self.

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